Protecting and Preserving Biodeversity

Anthropogenic activities linked to fossil fuel emissions, dumping of toxic waste, illegal hunting, and deforestation has proved detrimental to, not only our own but also to other animal species on this planet. How many more species and natural ecosystems must perish until we diligently address the imminent threat to our subsistence and livelihood and to that of other animal species?


Endangered Species International 




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Endangered Species International is on a mission to: “Reverse the trend of human-induced mass species extinction, save endangered animals, and preserve wild places!” This incredible organization is focused on “conversation projects on threatened flagship species, forgotten endangered species, and endangered critical habitats”. We fully understand that climate change is real and we must put a stop to it in order to amend its looming threat to our existence and that of other species through local, national, and global efforts.



Our agency supports ESI and its cause as preservation and conservation ambassadors. A world where we are vested in protecting our most valuable resources, managing sustainable growth, and protecting our biodiversity is the healthy and thriving world we all want to live in


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