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Life Insurance

Life Insurance Protects Your Family

No one wants to think about their death, but it’s a fact that everyone dies. One goal of anyone with a family should be to make sure they leave their family with some wealth. The family should be able to survive even if the main breadwinner dies. You might die unexpectedly, so it’s best to get life insurance when you’re still healthy and in good shape.

This insurance is a security blanket for your beneficiaries when you die. Upon purchase, you make annual, monthly or quarterly payments to keep the policy active. The term of life insurance can range from one year to a lifetime. When you die, the insurance company issues a payment to your beneficiaries. This payment is called the death benefit.

Who Should Purchase Life Insurance

If you are married, but have no children, this policy enables your spouse to pay for debts such as mortgages, credit cards and car loans. If you are married and have children, then this policy means your family can meet their financial obligations upon your death. Single parents can use life insurance as well to provide for their children.

It’s best to get life insurance when you’re healthy. When you apply for a policy, the insurance company will ask about your lifestyle, medical history, credit history, and driving record. Your sex, age and health determine how much you’ll pay for coverage. When you die, the beneficiary is required to fill out a claim, provide a certificate of death and confirm the date and cause of your death. After the information is confirmed, a lump-sum amount is paid to the beneficiary.


Most life insurance policies last for 10 to 30 years – it depends on the type of policy you have. Universal life insurance is different, in that it lasts a lifetime and doesn’t expire until you die. Then there’s whole life insurance, which provides lifetime coverage and fixed premiums.


The main benefit is that you provide for your family after you’re gone. You know they’ll be able to survive, and continue to live as they did when you were alive. The family will also have money to pay funeral costs and any remaining medical costs.

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