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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance Explained

Insurance acts as a safety net against certain mishaps. There’s insurance for everything, from cars to medical care. One often overlooked type of insurance is renters insurance. Most people who rent don’t realize they need renters insurance. It’s not required by law, but it’s the only way renters can protect their belongings against theft and damage, and protect themselves from liability.

Why Renters Need Coverage

A landlord might have insurance on a rental building, but that doesn’t include a tenants personal belongings. It also doesn’t protect a tenant from potential lawsuits if someone is hurt inside their living space. Anyone who rents an apartment needs to protect themselves. Some apartment complexes require tenants to purchase renters insurance. It helps to avoid legal issues that can result in a lawsuit.

With renter’s coverage, if fire destroys your personal belongings while living in a rental property, then you can be compensated for the loss. It is a way to protect your household items that you cherish. Without insurance, you could sustain a great loss.

Renter’s coverage does more than cover the cost of replacement. It helps with liability issues should someone get hurt on your property. If a natural disaster, like a tornado, rips your home apart, renter’s coverage will help you while looking for a new place to stay. It’s possible that hotel, laundry and food costs will be covered. You will be reimbursed by making a claim for allowable occurrences.

Types of Insurance

Renters insurance usually has a minimum limit of $25,000 worth of coverage. You can expand your coverage to fit your situation. It’s possible that $25,000 is not enough to cover your belongings. This type of insurance is generally inexpensive, and you can possibly reduce the cost by combining it with other insurance policies.

Benefits to Renters

The main benefit of any insurance is that it provides monetary support in times of need. For renters, this benefit is in the form of protection for belongings, and protection from liability lawsuits.

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